Saltele Ortopedice la Preturi de Vara!



Uni-Consulting Grup is gifted in being able to visualize a space with great accuracy.  The rest of us tend to find it much more difficult to do develop or comprehend elaborate designs in our heads.

Architects, property developers and realtors can now wow their clients through impressive 2D floor plans. The photo-realistic visual communication of plans through 2D visualization enables viewers to grasp the image faster than through abstract drawings, lines and figures. It enables you to effectively clinch property promotion and marketing deals.

For those who want a clear picture of what their space will look like before the process begins there is the Interior Design Plan.

Design Plans can be rendered by Uni-Consulting Stuff in 2D.  These renderings take some time to develop, yet when required they can lend incredible peace of mind to the homeowner.

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