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Landscape Design - Moldova, Chisinau




Starting with the fact that the Design Interior Moldova by "Uni-Consulting Group LTD" is offering full service of interior design for homes and spaces, it should be noted that for exterior space - the garden,which should not be neglected, we offer Landscape design. Our landscape designers can create beautiful and original landscapes, including swings, bridges, decorative springs, bridges over the waters, and alleys with the most beautiful flowers.

Personalized Drainage and Irrigation
Drainage is very common problem for all homes, and we, all team from  Design Interior Moldova try to find ways to install automatic irrigation systems of high quality that will definitely fulfill all your requirements.

Lighting adds beauty and emotions of each landscape space. We can combine classic lightning with solar-powered lights that are integrated remarkably the lighting system of the garden.

Harvesting garden plants
Also to give your garden an accent and a touch of cheerfulness always, you can choose a range of species which are perfect for landscape from a total of 10,000 special selections grown in private nurseries.

These and other design services Landscape (Landscape) you may have by coming  to us.




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