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3D Interior Design Service




When 2D project is completed, starts 3D design.

It intends to present images of your home or commercial spaces in 3 dimensions: length, width and height. A 3D dimensional design is complex and it takes some time till its finished. Dimensional 3D project involves: design of furniture, walls, floor, wall hangings, windows, doors, curtains, chandeliers, floor tile, color range,in a word, it combines all objects inside up to the smallest details. Like 2D design, 3D design is for almost every space you have and want to change: interior design for homes, apartments, offices, commercial premises, hotels, restaurants.

To perceive the whole project in a better way, we create views from many corners and angles of the room. Our projects take into account the drops of natural or artificial light.

In a 3D project a very important role plays especially style of interior such as minimalist, classical, modern, contemporary, minimalist, so on.

Minimalist style - the compositions are made up by few colors, shapes, lines. The existent colors are pale or strident. The main feature of minimalism is the absence of decorations, bright décor and fresh air presence. It has simple shapes, straight lines and geometric patterns .

Classic style is specific for a light, quiet space, not overloaded with details. It is decorated with columns, sculptures, fireplaces. The colors are in pastel tones, even the accessories and furniture are all inspired by nature.

For modern style specific neutral colors are the most used shades of black and white. Also longer used various shades of brown , cream , beige, gray. Is a functional modern style with simple lines. The emphasis on natural materials , light is used to create the impression of space , glass is another material used mainly in modern style , missing accessories and everything that agglomeration and diversity.

The style can be easily identified by the combination of  quite colors such as cream, pink, neutral tones .
Floral prints and stripes used occasionally unifies the look in a very special and enjoyable way. This style fits great for any space , from the bedroom and living room, to the bathroom, kitchen or office.

The retro design project combines a mix of of all styles of the twentieth century.There is no patterns for this style,  so it is easily recognizable. In other words , it means  a combination of new and old , set between classic and abstract. The predominant colors are the brightest like: yellow, pink, blue, green, black and white, wallpapers with different designs, curved lines.

In  the  3D design project we create for you different styles which fits you, so that at the end is with a great result, namely, a long-awaited interior design.

At the end of the 3D design stage, next is  stage of drafting 3D technical drawings .




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