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dormitoare copii

Designing your interior decor around children can create a safe environment and prevent nice, expensive furnishings from being ruined. Depending on your family's lifestyle, some or all of your rooms can be decorated with your kids in mind. Keep everything simple, easy to clean and safe for little ones, and you're free to follow your own creativity.

outdoor to indoor design

It's a wonderful idea of bringing outdoor elements into home decor. By adding an organic energy into wallpaper, furniture, and other home decor gives a level of individuality that can make your home unique. Nature inspired pieces are by no means one dimensional; while they classical show up and look great in southern and beach inspired homes, they can also look incredibly luxurious and sophisticated when are used correctly. It is an ideal way to bring plants into our living space for that fresh, calm feeling.

design dinning room

Yellow is the color of sunflower, lemons, and sunshine, it offers a fresh style in each of its many variations.  Yellow also come in a large variety of shades. Bold antique gold may give overpowering in a very small space, but lemon, custard or pale yellow enhance a feeling of spaciousness. Yellow is an ideal complement to dark woods such as mahogany or cherry. It can also be paired with other elements of a monochromatic scheme such as oak furniture and flooring. Deep beige tablecloths and upholstery help to fit this color and add dimension. Apply these fresh ideas for decorating with yellow, and discover ways to give any room a taste of sunny decor.

Create your small office place by adding intelligent office organization. For sure you got a home office which has lack of storage space. So through some clever ideas we will try to help you to choose an optimal solution for yourself. Below you can find them. The collection includes some different home offices with bookcases, cupboards, storage systems, shelves and other storage solutions

small living large

Nowadays, living room is the central place of most of the homes. It is the place which is used for varied purposes. From watching television, relaxation, eating meals and entertaining guests, people use to spend most of their time in the living room. Though, a small living room is a common problem for many apartments and houses. Some people even might spend lot of money for creating an extra additional space. Fortunately, there are many other ways to make your living room look larger and without spending a large ammount of money.



The gloom in your room is not entertaining you upset you? Well, among adding new windows, there are plenty of intelligent  ideas you can apply to solve quickly and easy this problem. So here are some ideas how to bring light into your room.